Most people think of practicality and style when selecting new furniture for their home or business. However, that hasn’t stopped more creative individuals from indulging in unconventional, eccentric or even tasteless furniture. Here are some strange furniture choices you don’t typically see or might not want to see at all.

Bizarre and Strange Furniture

  • Hairy Bar Stools – Both awkward and creepy, these stools are covered in hair.1 Whether these are intended for actual use or are just art pieces is uncertain, but they become all the more unsettling if you’re familiar with the story of the famous mass murderer Ed Gein who was known for creating furniture out of human body parts. We’re hoping these weren’t Gein-inspired creations.
  • Bread Table Concept – Try not to eat this one! Although it shouldn’t be too hard unless you’re a big fan of stale bread. This small coffee table is composed of sliced-in half, different length baguettes bundled together. The incredible detail will have you craving French bread until you realize the legs of the table are touching the floor, which means it’s definitely been in contact with the ground for more than five seconds.
  • RePurposed Cutlery Chair – This chair gives the iron throne from “Game of Thrones” a run for its money. This chair is composed completely of fused, intertwined forks, spoons and butter knives. Be careful with this one; you may find yourself at the edge of your seat if you choose to relax in this thing. Try not to jab yourself on the armrests either.
  • Multilegged Chair – Feel free to recline in this one, a standard chair but with multiple, urchin-like legs that will always land on its feet, unless you tip too far forward.
  • The Book Bed – Every childhood dream is realized with this floor bed shaped like a giant book. Two comforters are joined at the book’s spine to create the pages of the book, in which users can wrap themselves. Just make sure no one tries to close the book on you while you’re still inside it. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.
  • Scrabble Bench – You’ll be playing with this bench more than sitting on it as this bench is shaped like a scrabble tile holder, complete with letter tile pillows that can be arranged into any words you can imagine.2 The pillows even have points on the corners, allowing you to play a quick game without even breaking out the Scrabble board.
  • Brain Lamp – Enlightening yet creepy, the brain lamp is just that; a brain on a lamp stalk.3 A perfect gag gift for a neurosurgeon or a genius, but not for the squeamish.
  • Louis Vuitton Electric Chair – The Louis Vuitton Electric Chair blends fashion and morbidity into a lavish execution device. The chair features LV labeled buckles on both the hand and leg restraints and the company’s monogram on the seat and chairback.4 The chair is a morbid display of vulgarity, depravity and tackiness. But, depending on your décor and personal style, it may be a perfect addition to your living room, or faux-torture chamber.

Eccentric, Tasteful Furniture from Godby Home Furnishings

You can make a statement without breaking boundaries in taste with unique furniture from Godby Home Furnishings. Godby maintains one of the widest selections of furniture for every room in your home.

Contact Godby Home Furnishings today to purchase artistic, practical furniture or schedule a showroom floor viewing with one of our associates who have an eye for taste, design and functionality.

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