finding-the-right-sofaWhen it comes to home features and accessories the choices are endless. Home furniture can come in so many different styles, shapes and customization options that it can be difficult to decide which types will look and work best in your home.

What to Look For

  • Sofa size matters – Couches and sofas can take up a lot of room, so make sure it fits in your living room. That may seem obvious, but even people who prepare properly by measuring before they visit the furniture store sometimes miss a crucial factor; proportion to the other furniture in the room. Sofa shapes can often dictate the layout of a room, but you can make any sofa fit your current layout by choosing the right type. An L-shaped couch will fit nicely around a coffee table while a small sofa in a tiny room will strongly complement the space in which it resides.1
  • Consider orientation – When considering the type of couch you want, consider the lifestyle you live. Are you barely home and constantly on the move or do you love camping out on the couch with family and a good movie? Considering how you use the space can help you select and orient your couch to complement its primary use. If you’re social and love hosting parties and game nights, pick a semi-circle sofa and situate other chairs to face it to facilitate social activities. If you love to relax and read, pick a large, lush couch with soft cushions.
  • Pick the right upholstery – Although a beautiful, white suede sofa may look stunning in your living room, the material it’s made of is highly susceptible to damage, especially if you have very young children or rambunctious pets in the house. Pick upholstery material that can meet your living standards and needs. If you have kids who are spill-prone, pick a couch made of stain-resistant fabric like those offered by Sunbrella. If you’re placing a couch in front of a large window that receives a lot of sunlight, purchase a couch with sun-resistant fabric to prevent fading and wear and tear.
  • Don’t forget styling – A couch with a lot of pillows may sound like a good idea, but think again. The number of pillows a couch can accommodate is dependent on the couch itself. If your sofa has a structured shape, feel free to pile on cushions, but abstain from adding pillows to loose-backed sofas.2

    This also includes pairing different fabrics and colors, so try mixing unique prints with solid colored couches and different fabrics. For example, if you have a cotton couch consider matching it with velvet, silk or wool pillows. Keep in mind the purpose your couch will serve. Pick soft, comfortable pillows for a couch you plan on using a lot or up the wow factor by spending a little more money on lavish, decorative pillows if your sofa is more suited for guest entertainment.

A Sofa to Meet Your Needs with Godby Home Furnishings

Find the sofa that’s perfect for you at Godby Home Furnishings. We’re a complete furniture store offering a wide selection to choose from such as sofas, reclining sofas, sofa beds and so much more for every room in your home.

We carry furniture from some of the best name brands in business, including:

  • La-Z-Boy
  • Klaussner
  • Flexsteel
  • Ashley
  • Décor-Rest
  • Hickory Craft
  • Best Home Furnishings
  • And More

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