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When designing your private office, especially if you’re in a managerial position, it’s important to consider how your space will be perceived by others. Everything from your desk to what you hang on the walls can reflect your role within a company. Here are a few design tips to help you set up your office and create the desired atmosphere.

Desk Placement

Your desk is the focal point of your office, whether you use it regularly or not. When someone enters the room to speak with you, they’re usually forced to step into your desk or workspace as well. As a result, the positioning of the desk in the office can help set a tone or contribute to your room’s overall atmosphere.

A lone desk automatically commands respect; supervisors are usually set apart from employees who sit at shared cubicles. In an office of your own, you can further capitalize on this distinction if you so choose. Individual desks faced out toward the door can make the space seem inviting; you’re welcome to people coming up and speaking with you. Conversely, pointing your desk away from the door and putting your back to it implies you generally prefer to be left alone. Consider how accessible you wish to be to other employees when designing your office layout.

Additional Seating

Similarly, the amount of seating in your office shows how willing you are to let visitors stick around. Having chairs in front of your desk encourages discussion, but still puts you in a position of power when seated behind it. Placing a small table in your room and setting chairs around it creates a space where everyone can sit together as equals.


How your office is organized reflects you overall cleanliness and, to an extent, your personality. A disorganized workspace creates an atmosphere of disorder, implying that you aren’t able to easily manage multiple tasks or assignments. Having a folder system or filing cabinet in your office will not only help you avoid stress and get projects done faster, it will also be an indicator to others that you’re able to take charge and manage multiple things at once.


How you decorate your office space heavily influences how others see you. Pictures of yourself, awards and framed degrees are all great decorations for a professional space, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Excessively highlighting your own accomplishments can come off as vain or selfish. Instead, try to mix in items that showcase the achievements of your team or company as a whole.

Even the coloring of your furniture and decorations can help you create the desired atmosphere. Traditional colors like dark wood and black upholstery signal a more serious environment, but can also come across as clinical or unfriendly. Bright colors are more whimsical and are thought to help encourage creativity.

Quality Furnishings at Affordable Prices

Godby Home Furnishings has been serving customers in the Central Indiana area since 1974. Since then we’ve expanded to three additional locations in Avon, Carmel and Noblesville/Fishers, but we’re still dedicated to upholding the highest quality. Contact or visit us today for American-made furniture for your entire household.


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