Modern dining room beside the kitchen ready to serve

Eating dinner around a table with your family has long epitomized the idealized view of American life. However, as modern design trends alter the layout of the average home, designers have begun to declare the dining room a dying feature. That doesn’t mean your dining room is doomed to be wasted space. Repurpose or redesign your dining areas to create a space that works for your lifestyle.

Dinner’s Ready!

Just because others are repurposing their dining areas, doesn’t mean you have to as well! If you have a larger family or frequently host dinner parties and get-togethers, your dining room will serve you well.

If you’re hoping to rethink your dining room design, start with your dining set. As the focal point of the room, choose a table that you positively love. From live-edge wooden tables to contemporary and versatile concrete, your table can dictate the style of the entire room. Chairs can either play into a single design aesthetic or clash to create a room that’s uniquely you.

Remember: always measure before you buy! There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than falling in love with a piece that can’t fit through your front door.

Another Day in the Office

For homeowners who work from home or simply want a private working space, converting the dining room into an office can be a bold and beneficial move. Unlike corporate cubicles or the glass-encased corner office, your home office can be styled any way you’d like. From sleek and modern to eclectic and exciting, the office should reflect your ideal environment and promote your work ethic with a functional but attractive desk and supplies neatly tucked away in shelving units.

For the kids, your dining room can become a neat and useful homework room where they can focus away from distractions. Keeping supplies handy for school projects and educational books at the ready can help your child succeed in school.

Play Hard

Tired of stepping on toys, crayons or artwork as you try to maneuver your home? Keep it all in one place by turning your dining room into a playroom. A table is perfect for coloring, arts, and crafts or family game nights, while shelving units and storage keep all your kids’ favorite things out of the way. Having board games and books within line of sight can help inspire more family time, as well!

Renew Your Dining Space with Godby Home Furnishing

No matter how you choose to take advantage of your dining room space, Godby Home Furnishings can help you deck it out in style! To learn more about repurposing your home’s wasted space, contact us online or call 317-565-2211.


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